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me participating in a group project


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sarah millican reading 50 shades…

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  • En pleno luto de su madre, Paul Vásquez, más conocido como el “Flaco”, entregando su ayuda en el catastrófico incendio de Valparaíso.

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Medelline is pretty infamous for the activities that took place through Pablo Escobar’s rule in the 80s and early 90s, after watching a doco on the lives that his establishment ruined it is amazing how far this city has come. Also anyone who has watched entourage should know a little about this place…

In 1990 Medellin was at its peak of notoriety and the other Colombian government and former allies of Escobar all wanted him and his soldiers dead. This lead to random bomb explosions everywhere and a generally gangster city that no tourist would go near. You can also do a Pablo Escobar tour that takes you around his old hide outs etc, and then you get to meet his brother! I didn’t do it, think I’d want to spit in his face for all the people his family fucked with!

But as I learned on a walking tour of the city, Medellin was last year voted the worlds most innovative city, they have really turned things around and know boasts a metro linking a cable car to favelas (slum areas) whole new inner city architecture and art sculptures from Fernando Botero (who paints/creates things in a disproportionate way, you could say as fatties). There was also dodgy stuff going on, drug addicts, gamblers, prosties and porn, but all cities have that stuff right?

The nightlife also pumps here and I met some great people at the Black Sheep Hostel, owned by a kiwi, we had a couple of great nights out having fun thanks to all, my Facebook circle has increased dramatically!

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